Be tattooed with the large garden , An Qing City Tai Hu County being located in a place propitious for giving birth to great men for 5000 years , be planned 5000 mus of Zhan field, "the subject park fixes position for construction with China culture" , take establishing "the Chinese nation spirit home " as...MORE+

"Riverside" Cultural Park, three-dimensional designers show ingenuity, to reproduce the Northern Song Dynasty painting "Qingming Festival", take you to enjoy street Bianliang to taste the history of the ancient city of flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, the.
"Riverside" Cultural Park will be on...MORE+

The starry night bright star hi earthshaking. Five thousand years cultural garden Snow Beer delicacy Festival Star special fiery opening

The stars are shining and the stars are shining. The evening of August 2nd, by Huarun Snow Beer (Anhui) Limited company, five thousand years of cultural garden, a...MORE+

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